Monday, 11 September 2017

Perfectly timed

I'm in the month that has 500 days.
But I'm not rushing this.
Oh no.
I'm not hoping for a quick end.
The tide is changing soon enough and I'm soaking up all the moments before our status quo is flipped forever on its head.

In the last few months, we have found a different place.
And sometimes I see glimpses of how we can circle back--not now, not for awhile but someday in the future.
What's a handful of years, compared to decades?

There are no clocks in my kitchen.
Having no clocks, is part of what brings harmony to my space.
He would rather have a clock up.
But respects this and kind of indulges me on this one and can't refute my logic--we have other time-telling things of course, cellphones, tablets, laptops, the variety of devices.

In my space, no clocks.
Here, I won't be measured to someone else's clock.
Not this time.