Saturday, 21 October 2017

These 30 Days...and more

Oh sweet Goddess, they have been hard.
So hard.
Truly, truly hard.

But they have been everything.
So everything.
Absolutely, truly everything.

We can do hard things.
Its what happens when you choose the path less trodden
And sometimes I feel pained, knowing you wouldn't be on this path
...if I wasn't the crazy girl who came along and shook up all your perfectly lined up boxes
But then I remember, you chose me, knowing full well my relantionship with chaos,
knowing I couldn't help but shake up those boxes.

In these 30 days, we have loved.
We have breathed.
We have healed.
We have joined.

Thank-you for creating space and breath for me to heal and for us to be.

Each day, of these 30 days, you have made me feel cherished.

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