Friday, 19 January 2018

Friday Fragments: Offer of proof...

Its good to know things.
That's the reason I am signed up for a community health bulletin.
Its useful to know if there is a fire down the street or if there is an outbreak of measles before leaving the house.
 Really, I have no good reason why I am on this list, its just one of those things that happens.
The messages all in the name of health are about as helpful as, "wear sunscreen", and about as inane in tone.
I read them on my phone because that's my third hand. I see photos first, then the text.
This latest message was, "Eating together as a family is important---".

 I won't read the linked scientific article because I feel I can make that mental leap all on my own.

I can even believe that maybe somewhere, there is a kitchen that looks all glossy and clean in the morning, where everyone has a full glass of orange juice in front of their place mat with well balanced perfectly plated plates.
My kitchen looks like a yogurt filled grenade exploded every morning, I have serious kitchen envy here.
The next line naturally is, "No matter what your family looks like."

And this is where they lost me. 
I would be way more inclined to believe that matters to them, if it wasn't a picture of shiny blond blue eyed able bodied white people sitting around that kitchen table, in that perfect kitchen.

 But if I wake up one morning and think one of my family members is ugly, I know now to eat with them no matter what, because its crucial to overall health and well being.


*Snorts and drinks coffee in yogurt avocado dishes from yesterdays covered kitchen*.

And this friends, is why I contemplate another blog.


  1. LoL Bleue, gotta love how the family, surroundings, setting etc are always perfect. Please do let me know if you start another blog.


    1. It is lunancy.
      I'm tempted but wary of a new blog but oh so tempted.
      I will let you know for sure ;-)

  2. LOL funny. I totally feel you whenever I look at ads of mums cooking in the kitchen or doing laundry. Are you freakin' kidding me? white couches, spotless floors, gleaming windows. ER, not in this home.

    1. Oh the white couches! Ha.

  3. IF this is the sort of thing you are gonna take to the other blog -- let me know please???

    Or better still why have another blog??? My blog is not always whips and chains and floggers or my!! more like court dates and crazy ex's and learning to be a step mother after all these years!!

    and look -- now you have given me a hint towards better step mothering -- I need to make sure we all eat breakfast in a spotless kitchen!!! LOL

    1. Sure.
      Good question: I like new things and clear boxes, lol!

      The spotless kitchen will make all the difference in the world :-P


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