Thursday, 11 January 2018


This morning over coffee, we were talking and I got to give a viewpoint on the political impact on a current social-economical issue.
He stopped and said, "You are so right, I never thought of it that way."
That made me happy.
He's the one who is good at everything and all smart.
But on occasion, its nice to be smarter.

This brought to mind, the whole, "If your Dom told you to vote a certain way, would you?" from forums past.
Its actually been on my mind because I found out that an acquaintance did vote a certain way because their Dom told them to and their political views kind of blow my mind and shake up the picture I had of them and I still don't know how think about that one---what would you think?

In our dynamic, its just not something he would exert control over.
He's all about control but the sphere he is concerned with is the things that affect us or him.
There was one time, where I couldn't vote in a minor municipal thing because I was all pregnant and in another city and couldn't make it back on time, he wasn't pleased with because he feels I should have voted on the issue.
Who I vote for, or how I vote, not so much.

I'm tired and the days are so long.

But I'm madly in love with my little pack right now and I was all kinds of happy with that little reminder this morning--I have a partnership that allows for disagreement and different viewpoints and allows me to have a voice....all with a dose of M/s and kinkery fuckery when time permits.


  1. So are you or are you not going to Tim Hortons then? LOL...I'm kidding. I really don't want to get into that either.

    As much as I try to really not impose my view on other's dynamics, submitting to voting a certain way if a friend let me in on that would be a difficult pill to swallow. I doubt I would say anything to them, but because obviously my mind doesn't work the way theirs does- I would be disappointed in both of them. But that is me projecting my beliefs and needs onto them and their dynamic I realize.

    1. LOL!
      Personally, I'm more of a Starbucks girl.

      Oh, I don't plan on saying anything to them and I respect their dynamic. There are lots of times where He said something/told me to do something and others would object, so I get that...I get what it is like to have "his limits are my limits" in action.
      But what I do wrangle with is the view they have---surprising, mind-blowing-totally-surprising to me...and grappling with why I suddenly feel differently now that I know that's their opinion--as opposed to when I didn't.

  2. Hi Bleue,

    I have been awol for a bit. I'm with Willie, when it comes to voting if a friend divulged that they voted a particular way because they were told to, that would be a bitter pill for me to swallow personally also. IMHO ttwd or not, both partners should have a voice.

    I also get "It's nice to be smarter on occasion". I get all excited when I know something he doesn't for a change lol. Glad you are enjoying your little pack :)


    1. Roz,
      Always good to see you--I hope the first days of 2018 have been good to you.
      Yes! Its rare here too :-)

  3. Hmmm...I am with you, and besides different opinions make for lively long as you are respectful.....hugs abby

    1. Different opinions absolutely do make for lively discussions! We debate a lot in this household, actually *grins*

  4. Bleue,

    I have to say, although I don't like to judge others' lifestyle dynamics, I totally agree with you on the voting issue. I just don't think any dynamic should take away your right to vote your conscience. I'm glad he encourages you to voice your opinions in this way!


    1. Jlynne,

      I can't get my head around my friends' political views--I'm shocked that they feel the way they do (just an ill-informed Canadian over here ahem) but when it comes to their dynamic, I *do* get it. I lived like that for a long time. Mine has never required that from me and has always encouraged me to voice my opinion--though he has controlled the *how* of that in various forms.

    2. I'm not judgign their dynamic or when it even comes to it, their political views...I'm trying to get my head around it because to me it just doesn't add up and I don't like how my opinion of them has changed..kind of? because of now knowing what I do.

  5. I see what you're saying I think. The change in how you *feel* towards your friend bc of the new information is unwelcome or unintended. Is this a friend that you look up to, admire? Perhaps just meditating on the reasons you are friends with her in the first place would help. What brought you together originally. Focus on that and let the rest go. In time your feelings will likely return. If the information shoked you you likely just need time to get over the shock in MHO.


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