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Hi! I'm Bleue (she/her) thanks for reading. Here is a bit about me. My inbox is always open.

I started this blog in 2012. 
Back then, we were newish in our D/s, having just taken it out of the bedroom not that long ago before I started scrawling here. 
This is my place to write and think, off the cuff and free.

He chanced his way into my life.
We became partners. We became husband and wife.
I hitched my star to his, no matter the rise of the tide.
One day He said, "Obey".
And I said, "Okay".
He's a sadist with a wicked sense of humour.
I'm a humiliation slut, the one he owns and his slave.
We have been doing this power exchange thing ever since then, in one form or another.

This blog went into hiding a few years back when the arrival of our first offspring turned us all upside down. I experienced birth trauma and mama brain and that made life completely different from our normal.
I came back here and scrawled more and doing so helped in healing.
I have immense gratitude for those who extended friendship, support and more.

These days, we are knitted together and finding our way in life that looks different than it did when I first started writing here.
We love hard and true.

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My inbox is always open: Bleuame6@gmail.com

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